The D.I.G. Disciplines

D.I.G. Acquisition Advantage™

Our acquisition process will thoroughly vet 400-500 deals in our targeted markets in a given year. Only 2% to 3% qualify for further review. If the initial underwriting goes well, additional underwriting is conducted by a variety of in-house and external stakeholders. The process is collaborative, and includes an acquisition specialist, financial advisers, and property management experts. This proven process ensures that only assets that are conservatively underwritten and meet our cash flow objectives for investors get to move on in the acquisition process.


D.I.G. Due Diligence Discovery Method ™

After a letter of intent is secured, our team of experts is sent to the asset site to inspect and analyze the fiscal health of the asset by assessing all the financial records, rent rolls, leases, and contracts. The physical condition of the property is also inspected at this time by a team of highly qualified commercial inspectors and commercial contractors to mitigate potential risks and uncover any value-add opportunities for the particular asset. It is only after the asset passes through our thorough due diligence phase that we move towards finalizing the Purchase/Seller Agreement.

D.I.G. Asset Management Enhancer ™

The D.I.G. Asset Management Enhancer phase is a time-tested, intentional, and systematic approach for enhancing the overall asset value throughout the hold period. Key performance indicators, with a high degree of focus on leading indicators, allows our leadership team to spot even the smallest trends before they become a reality. Our strategic approach is individualized and specific to each particular asset.
We work collaboratively with only the most highly respected regionally-based property management companies in the country. Their large regional footprint means that D.I.G. and its investors realize huge savings from purchasing power, which in turn adds to the bottom line. These property management companies also have access to the very best subcontractors, who are established in place and able to minimize capital improvement cost. Due to their rather large established local networks, they are also well positioned to negotiate the best third-party contracts in a given market. D.I.G. Management Enhancer ensures predictable investor cash flow while concurrently forcing appreciation, equaling real savings for D.I.G., and therefore exponential value for our residents and investors.

D.I.G. Investor Returns Maximizer ™

The D.I.G. Investor Returns Maximizer works to maximize proceeds to investors through a thoughtful and timely disposition and exit based on cash flow, profitability, and current market conditions. The Maximizer ensures the asset is well positioned for a proper and profitable exit that provides the most significant returns to our investors. After the sale of the asset, we return all of the equity and profits to our investors, who are then positioned to take advantage of the next property acquisition.


Our Structured LLC Asset Organization

We structure our deals with asset protection top of mind.

How we do it

D.I.G. Investments believes in asset protection. Our SEC attorneys consult and prepare the necessary organizational structure, LLC's, and Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). Our PPM has two types of shares:

  • "A" Shares = Investors
  • "B" Shares = Sponsors

This method ensures proper operational structure and documentation, which guides D.I.G.’s Investments in all decision making. Through the D.I.G. step wise process, we have been able to increase the value of under-performing assets and create monthly cash flow for investors.


Through the D.I.G. step wise process, we have been able to increase the value of under-performing assets and create monthly cash flow for investors.